About us

Since some years AllAboutArt is buying and selling a collection of an artist or collections to represent a specific period. By adding research to these works and/or artist the collection will be presented to a wider audience.

Since 2007 we have presented over ten exhibitions in the Netherlands, Dubai and France, showcasing the most significant works of art of Karin en Ernst van Leyden.

In 2009 we acquired the works known as ‘Perstroijka Art’ made in the former USSR and the collection contains over a 100 works made by 40 artists during the 1980’s.

For your convenience we have created a web-based gallery specializing in the selling of exceptional masterworks by twentieth century masters. This site is regularly updated with new artworks as they are released for sale. AAA maintains a sophisticated computer search program tracking sales and availability of works of art and works closely with a team of associates in many parts of the world whom will be visited regularly. This allows AAA to work intimately and discretely with active and ambitious collectors, both private and institutional, customizing their service and advice according to each clients budget, needs and focus.