Moonlit garden, 1963

Artist: Karin van Leyden

Oil on canvas, 123 x 159 cm

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Moonlit garden, 1963

In 1956 Karin draws two diagrams with the development of art as she sees it on a scrap sheet, a thin small wrapping paper. The most extensive scheme is clearly an elaboration of the other. Karin recognizes three major developmental flows: one from Pre-Columbian art, one from negro sculpture and a third from the Greek-Etruscan tradition. Pablo Picasso is the only artist who, underlined in red, figures in all three streams. Rufino Tamayo is also highly regarded. Although this Mexican artist comes from the pre-Columbian tradition, Karin believes that he has also undergone many influences from the other two, in particular Picasso. Karin herself is in the midst of the artist violence. Although she is a tamayo, she also believes that she was influenced by Greek art, by Bonnard and by Mexican art.