Zondag 1 and 15 feb: Update documentary Ernst and Karin van Leyden

27 January, 2015


Enormous progress has been made around the documentary by the team of Frederieke Jochems. The adventurous path that Karin and Ernst have followed in the last century has also been taken by Frederieke who has now made very surprising visits to various people, in places in England and soon France. Frederieke will again give a text and explanation with her crew about the progress of ‘The making of …’

We are very curious how Frederieke and her team visually expose the lives of Ernst and Karin little by little.

To complete the picture with regard to Ernst and Karin, we have specially decorated an extra apartment in Spica Staete with figurative work by this artist couple. In total we have -4- apartments with artworks by Ernst and Karin van Leijden, Modern Chinese art and Russian works from the Perestroijka period. These artworks are also available for purchase.

In addition, we also find it particularly nice to bring the ‘hunters and gatherers’ but also the art lovers and friends together, to get to know each other and to be able to have a drink together in this special setting.

To make it easy for you, we have 2 Sundays available for a ‘sneaky preview’.  

Sunday 1 February, or Sunday 15 February starting at 2.30 pm and ending around 4.30 pm on estate ‘Spica Staete’ in Spijk (next to golf course The Dutch)

If you have an interested party in your circle of friends, do not hesitate to bring one with you.

Welcome! Let us know on which date you can, then we count on you